Feng Shui Consulting

Achieve greater levels of health, prosperity and well being through simple feng shui adjustments in your living space

Feng Shui

The Feng Shui technique we use is the traditional Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB).

A BTB Feng Shui practitioner uses the Bagua (pronounced ba-gwah), which consists of eight sections around a center, which represent the different areas of one’s life.

To work with the Qi in BTB Feng Shui, the Bagua is laid out on a floorplan.

You are your space!

Our spaces reflect all our joys, dreams, worries, and limiting beliefs. This is an effective, gentle way of freeing yourself from anything holding you back.

If your home’s energy shifts, so do your body and your life.

I intuitively help you uncover your desires and needs, as well as identify energy blockages and opportunities for enhancement, in order to elevate your life and your space

Certified feng shui consultant

My designs and readings are backed by over 15 years as a designer and feng shui certification in the BTB lineage. I can identify issues and energy blocks you might have overlooked or never noticed.

Small adjustments, high impact

You don’t need to remodel your home or buy tons of stuff to improve your qi. Qi (energy or life-force) can be positive, negative or stagnant. To have a happy and harmonious home qi should. Applying simple feng shui adjustments can have a positive impact in your life.

Life-changing clarity

As feng shui experts, we will help you gain awareness and realization and guide you to co-create space that supports overall health, prosperity, and well-being.

Innovative, imaginative, clever, and a great listener.

Hi, I’m Marcia, Founder and CEO of Brake Designs

Clients trust me to bridge the gap between ideas and reality to create a space that’s truly theirs.

My ability to pick up on a client’s unique characteristics allows me to design a design that feels authentic to the client. By combining my technical expertise with creative flair, I can make your design come to life.

Choose your feng shui package

DIY Kickstart

15-minute Zoom session | $45

This is the perfect place to begin learning about Feng Shui.

Submit your floor plan of a room (bedroom is the best) or main floor of your space. I will graphically layout the Bagua map on your space. You’ll receive your plan with my intro to the Bagua pdf.

Each area is explained with simple adjustments. We will have a 15-minute meeting to look at the plan and talk about your number one wish. I’ll guide you on which space to start on.

Revitalize your Home

60-minute Zoom Session | $144

How do you feel about your house and how do you feel connected to it? Let’s begin by analyzing your home’s layout.

Using feng shui principles, determine whether rooms are positively or negatively supporting you.

Make simple and transformational adjustments to improve your well-being based on your personal goals.

Let’s create harmony and wonder for you and your home.

Inner and Outer Qi

90-minute ZoomSession | $275

As a certified Feng Shui and Human Design Specialist (Inner Feng Shui), I can guide you to greater clarity and harmony in your life.

Let’s make simple, but guided recommendations using feng shui principles tailored just for you based on your Human Design Chart.

We’ll review your chart at the level you are comfortable with and develop a plan for deconditioning + deepening your self-awareness, and how your space gets into alignment with your unique way of being.

3 Steps to Work with Me


Send your information

Birthdates, including year, time and location

A floor plan including: all doors, stove, bed, desk and other major furniture locations

Wishes for yourself


Virtual Meeting

We review my findings and discuss your wishes, developing a plan tailored just for you.


Receive and review

I’ll send you a recording of our meeting and documents with notes on your plan.
One Follow-up 15-minute call within a month

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